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Curtain Cleaning

Despite not seeing as much action as your carpets and furniture, your curtains still need a little TLC from time to time. Fortunately, CleanWright offer a curtain cleaning service that means you don’t have to bother taking your curtains down at all!

Hassle-free curtain cleaning at your home

CleanWright offers a complete curtain cleaning service without you having to touch them! Our curtain cleaners start by vacuum cleaning your curtains, paying particular attention to the tops where most of the dust and insects end up. After that, we thoroughly clean the entire curtain – front and back – either by hand or using our steam cleaning machines.

If you’d like to protect against future stains and even fire, we can also apply a liquid resistant and flame retardant finish to your curtains.

Keep your curtains looking and smelling fresh, without the hassle of taking them down and bringing them to the dry cleaners. Give CleanWright a call today!