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Carpet Cleaning

A good looking carpet makes an incredible difference to the look and feel of your home. When you’ve invested in good quality carpets that suit your home perfectly, you’ll want to make sure they remain looking the best they can. When properly cared for, a quality carpet can last years, even with heavy foot traffic!

Back in the day, carpets were made from wool. Today however, they could also be made from a range of synthetic materials such as nylon, or polyester. These synthetic materials are easier to clean, are often more affordable, and can be designed for the specific areas they’re used in your home.

Top quality carpet cleaning

We’re not here to show off how much we know about carpets. It’s not particularly exciting.

The important thing is that our carpet expertise is put to good use when cleaning them. At CleanWright, our carpet cleaners tailor their service to the specific type of carpet in your home. That way, your carpet comes out looking revitalised and smelling as fresh as a daisy.

It’s recommended that you regularly have your carpets cleaned professionally in order to extend their lifetime and keep them looking their best. In the long run, the cost of cleaning them is minimal compared to having to replace them prematurely.